Radiant Heating Solutions for Commercial and Retail Spaces

Keep Team Members and Customers Comfortable and Coming Back

Comfortable customers are happy customers!

When it’s cold outside and customers are coming in and out, it’s almost impossible for retail establishments to keep employees and customers warm using traditional air heaters. Every time doors are opened, warm air escapes. Warm air also rises to the ceiling. Comfort decreases and operating cost increases due to higher fuel bills.

Radiant heaters optimize both comfort and efficiency. Infrared heaters retain heat in the floor and in objects, leaving employees and customers warm and comfortable, even when doors are open.

Decorative grilles add an aesthetic vibe and complement any style

Think infrared heaters are too industrial looking for your retail space? Our decorative grilles have you covered.

Deco grilles hide your heater within the space, maintaining the look of your store while keeping associates and shoppers warm.

Vantage Tube Heater

VANTAGE® Family of Premium Quality Radiant Heaters

Choose from Modulating, Harsh Environment or Standard Models


GORDONRAY® Economical, Versatile Infrared Tube Heaters

Available in Single Stage, Positive Pressure or Dual Fire Models

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