Madison Air and Heat

A Powerhouse Partnership That Brings Year-Round Comfort to Industrial Facilities!

Roberts-Gordon, along with Reznor and Big Ass Fans, are now your allies in comfort as part of Madison Air! Our partnership of industry leaders and innovative thinkers delivers a full building comfort solution that boosts productivity. More productivity means fewer errors, higher retention rates, and happier employees.

Roberts Gordon

The Industry Leader in Infrared Tube Heaters

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Roberts-Gordon invented gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heating in the early 1960s with the introduction of CORAYVAC® burners-in-series, condensing systems. Our high-performance, infrared heaters have efficiently warmed a variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural spaces throughout the world.

Comfort without Compromise

Big Ass Fans delivers comfort to spaces where comfort seems impossible. Doing it undeniably better than any other company in the world. From saving energy and reducing operating costs to optimizing employee performance and productivity, Big Ass Fans products succeed where all others fall short.

A Global Leader in HVAC Technology

When it’s cold outside, Reznor brings the heat! For more than 90 years, Reznor has delivered reliable, high-efficiency unit heaters to our customers. Reznor unit heaters feature attractive, high-gloss exteriors, components engineered for quality, and a complete range of options to fit any application.

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Many of our independent representative partners are second and third generation firms. These infrared heating experts can help guide you through the entire buying process from design to installation.