Infrared Heating Controls

Radiant Infrared Heating Controls for Modulation and Zoning

Infrared Heating Controls

Roberts-Gordon has three infrared heating controllers that pair with our radiant heaters to create ultimate comfort and energy savings.

The ROBERTS GORDONĀ® CORAYVACĀ® Modulating Heating Control, the ROBERTS GORDONĀ® CORAYVACĀ® Heating Control and the COMPLETEā„¢ Modulating Heating Control all have durable enclosures for increased longevity.

CORAYVACĀ® Modulating Heating control provides additional fuel savings by measuring outdoor air temperatures to match system input to the building heat-loss.

Capable of operating up to two heating systems and four heating zones.

Total infrared heating system management through touchscreen, off-site connectivity, or pre-programmed thermostats

ROBERTS GORDONĀ® Modulating Heating Control modulates system firing rate continuously (not staged) between 60% and 100% of total designed firing rate. For Zone Temperature Sensors, one sensor is required per each zone. Four zones total between two pumps are available.

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