What is Infrared Heating

What is Infrared Heating?

The Most Efficient Way to Heat Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Effective Heat

Like the sun, infrared heaters warm objects instead of the air. Objects such as floors, equipment and people absorb infrared rays as the heater warms them. They retain the absorbed heat, and then release additional heat back into the space through radiation. The result is an instant warming effect.  With the infrared system operating, temperature is maintained with minimal heat loss. 

Infrared Heating Utilizes All Methods of Heat Transfer

Infrared heaters efficiently and effectively use all three fundamental methods of heat transfer. Convection occurs when heated objects or people release stored warmth or energy back into the space. Conduction occurs when the open flame within the tube heats the exterior and interior surface, creating the infrared energy. Radiation occurs when the heated infrared tube releases radiant energy to the objects below.

The Perfect Choice for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

With conventional warm air heaters, because heat rises to the ceiling, the floor level remains unevenly heated.  Infrared heating systems, however, allow the heat to stay at floor level, making it the most efficient method to heat open areas such as warehouses, airplane hangars, manufacturing spaces and many more areas.

The illustrations below show the heating patterns of a CORAYVAC® Infrared Heating System versus traditional warm air unit heaters. The unit heaters blow warm air into the space. As shown, this warm air rises and is unable to evenly heat the whole area. Once the overhead doors are opened, the heated air escapes out the door, resulting in energy waste.

The radiant heater drawing illustrates how our heating systems can be customized to evenly warm the entire area’s floor, equipment, people, not the air. These objects retain the heat even when overhead doors are opened, resulting in significant energy savings. In a study we conducted, the CORAYVAC® Infrared Heating System saved over 30% in energy costs when compared to unit heaters.

Traditional Warm Air Unit Heaters vs Gas-Fired, Low-Intensity Radiant Heaters

Unit Heaters vs Infrared Tube Heaters

Infrared Heating Benefits

Heats Like the Sun

Radiant heats similar to the sun heating the earth, gently warming people and objects with infrared energy.

Draft-Free Heating

Infrared heating provides draft-free heating using radiant energy to heat without the need for large warm air fans to move heat around the building.

Quiet Operation

Infrared tube heaters quietly heat spaces through standard radiant heating methods. 

Energy Efficient

Infrared tube heaters can reduce energy bills up to 50% compared to alternative heating systems. 

Indoor Heat Reservoirs Created

Infrared heater energy is stored within objects and then released back into the space through convection, allowing for a rapid heat recovery.

Lower Air Temperatures

Indoor air temperature thermometer reading can be set lower, due to infrared heat absorption and radiation of objects and people. 

Infrared Spectrum

Infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, located between microwaves and the visible light we see each and everyday.

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

Infrared tube heaters are easy to install indoors or outdoors, operate efficiently and maintain for many years.

Maximize Your Comfort with the Right Infrared Heater

Low and high intensity infrared heaters offer similar comfort but are used in different applications. For covering large, open spaces, low-intensity systems such as CORAYVAC® are the best choice. For more direct spot heating, high intensity heaters are compact and easier to direct heat where you need it most. Not sure what you need? Contact our experts today!

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