Infrared Heating Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Keep Your Factory Warm, Comfortable and Productive

Manufacturing Facility with Infrared Heaters

Improve Employee Productivity, Focus and Profits

A common complaint among manufacturing workers is the temperature in their workplace. Studies have shown that keeping employees comfortable improves focus, performance, and productivity. Manufacturing facilities with wide, open spaces and high ceilings can be difficult to heat when the wrong heating system is chosen, resulting in uncomfortable workers. Because of the innovative technology behind our radiant tube heaters, thousands of factories across the world are heated with Roberts-Gordon products.

Although most people think of productivity losses in hot conditions, losses in spaces that are too cold can be even greater. Even a 5° F increase in the effective temperature can result in significant productivity gains using Roberts-Gordon infrared heaters.

Consistent Heat Throughout the Entire Warehouse

Infrared heating systems have proven to be highly effective in a warehouse environment. We place our installed warehouse infrared heating systems over the largest and most open areas in the facility for maximum effectiveness, as well as in strategically chosen locations between shelves. Heating large, open spaces as well as various sections of shelves holding products, often results in uneven heating throughout the building with a traditional system. With a warehouse infrared tube heater from Roberts Gordon, you’ll have a custom layout that is designed to provide consistent and even heat throughout your entire warehouse.

CORAYVAC®Custom Engineered for Your Factory

Every manufacturing facility is different in terms of size, ceiling height, and heat requirement. The CORAYVAC® continuous radiant heating system offers a wide selection of customizable options so it can be designed to the exact specifications of any facility.

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