Aviation Hangars

Radiant Tube Heating for Airplane Hangars

Keep Planes Dry and Workers Warm with Infrared Tube Heaters

Drier Planes, Floors, Tools, and Work Areas

Airplane hangars are built with high ceilings and large, open spaces to house airplanes. Accommodating such a large space with heat can be difficult and expensive. Radiant tube heating replaces heat lost through open hangar doors by creating a warming cycle for the space. It also provides a higher heat volume for the building. Alternate methods of heating are often ineffective in a space with such high ceilings, due to heat rising instead of remaining on the floor.  

Aviation Infrared Heating

CORAYVAC®the Custom Infrared Heating System for Aviation Facilities

CORAYVAC® low-intensity infrared heaters provide a fully engineered design and layout option for complete building comfort. A unique layout of the custom CORAYVAC® is available to suit airplane hangars of all sizes and requirements. We provide total building heating that warms people, floors, and objects evenly and efficiently.

Want to take your savings to the next level? The CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control compares indoor and outdoor temperatures to the set point, then adjusts automatically to create the most comfortable environment possible for your aviation facility.

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