Agricultural Infrared Heaters

Infrared Tube Heaters for Poultry Barns and Other Livestock

Gentle, Uniform Heat Pattern Helps Animals Thrive

Healthier, Happier Livestock Means Increased Yield and Profits

Agriculture Heater

Infrared tube heaters are essential for livestock housing, such as poultry, pig and dairy barns, due to their ability to gently and evenly distribute heat. This results in improved animal performance, feed conversion and growth rate. By reducing operating expenses and improving performance of livestock, infrared heating helps farms operate more efficiently.

Baby chickens, for example, are unable to regular their own body temperature, so infrared heating keeps them comfortable while reducing animal maintenance. Placed overhead with a wide heat pattern, there’s no need to adjust the system throughout the brooder life cycle.

Avoid drafts and insufficient heating with one of the most reliable, unique heating systems in the industry. Roberts-Gordon radiant tube heaters are perfect for these applications with extreme conditions – ensuring comfort, efficiency, and reduced heating expenses.

Every Roberts-Gordon burner is made of steel with a powder coated finish for long-lasting performance. Optional, easy-to-use modulating controls are also available to provide thermal efficiency and reliability when it comes to heating sensitive applications like livestock barns. 

ENERGYTUBE™ ETX – The Perfect Solution for Extreme Conditions


  • Approved for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Sealed burner box enclosure with separate compartment for combustion air provides long lasting performance
  • Design Flexibility with Straight, U-tube, or L configurations
  • External LED burner status indicator

ENERGYTUBE™ AG – Long Lasting Durable Heater for Cost-Effective Climate Control


  • Produces a comfortable even heat pattern throughout the space, improving livestock performance while reducing fuel consumption
  • Increased radiant spread from wide pattern reflector
  • Sealed control housing with durable components provides long lasting performance and low maintenance
  • Clean, quiet draft-free comfort
ETX Specification Sheet
AG Specification Sheet
ETX Installation Manual
AG Installation Manual



Q:  How do I purchase?

A:  For inquiries about ENERGYTUBE™ Models, please contact us directly.

Q:  Can ENERGYTUBE™ Heaters last in tough conditions?

A:  Yes!  Our ENERGYTUBE™ burners are made of powder coated steel, while the heaters have aluminum reflectors and aluminized tubing for long lasting performance.

Q:  What is the benefit of Infrared heating for poultry houses?

A:  Baby chickens are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so infrared heating keeps them comfortable while reducing animal maintenance.  Also, low-intensity infrared heaters create a uniform heat pattern versus high intensity radiant heaters or pancake brooder heaters.


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