CORAYVAC® Classic SF (CRVSF Series) Burners and Accessories

CORAYVAC® SF heaters are specifically designed for specialty fuel repair facilities. They are approved and certified by CSA to meet a maximum tube temperature of 750 degrees F (399 degrees C) in accordance with NFPA30A7.6.6 . These burners are approved for installations up to 2000′ (610 m) without modification. Please consult the factory if installation is above 2000′ (610 m).

CORAYVAC® Classic SF Burner Packages

Includes: (1) Burner and Control Assembly, (1) Burner Gasket and Mounting Nuts, (1) Air Filter Assembly, (1) Applicable Flex Gas Line with Shut-off Cock and Fittings. Model and input rate are shown below.

End vents are not included in CRVSF burner packages; they must be ordered separately. Order the appropriate end vent package for specific branch configuration.

Approved Configurations for Branches with Multiple Burners

Approved Configurations for Branches with Single Burners

CORAYVAC® Classic SF (CRVSF Series) Unitary Heaters

CRVSF unitary packages contain components needed for a complete unitary heater at the specified minimum pipe length. Schedule 40 pipe and fittings provided by others. All the following models include burner, standard reflectors, reflector supports, schedule 40 hangers, eyebolt turnbuckles, spring hooks, cast iron combustion chamber, reflector end caps, CRV reflector with hole, CRVSF End Vent Package, pipe compound, EP-100 pump package, filter housing, and U-clips. Model and Input Rate are shown below.