VANTAGE® CTH2V Burners and Accessories

ROBERTS GORDON® VANTAGE® CTH2V-Series infrared tube heater sets the standard for single stage unitary heaters.  The heater features a sealed burner design with an enclosed combustion blower. An internal partition separates the combustion air from the electrical compartment to minimize the controls exposure to dirt and moisture, making it a perfect application for industrial or commercial facilities. These burners are approved for installations up to 2000′ (610 m) without modification.

Step 1 – Select VANTAGE® CTH2V Burner Package

All VANTAGE® CTH2V burner packages include applicable flex gas line and appropriate turbulator/swirler package (when required). Model and Input rate are shown below.

NOTE: For installations above 2000′ (610 m), please include ” -ALT” to the end of the part number and specify the altitude.

Step 2 – Select the Heat Exchanger Package

All Core Packages (CP) include a 10 ft. ALUMI-THERM® steel burner tube. Extension Packages (EXP) are used only to extend Core Package (CP) lengths. Heaters over 50′ in tubing length require an Extension Package. For example, CTH2V 175 has 60′ in tubing length, requiring a 30 ft. Core Package and a 30 ft Extension Package.