CARIBEĀ® Compact Infrared Tube Heater

Factory-Assembled, Easy Installation in Residential Garages and Other Small Spaces

Caribe Infrared Heater

Low-Intensity, Infrared Garage Heater Ready to Hang Right Out of the Box

Approved for residential garages and light commercial applications, CARIBEĀ® infrared tube heaters are the easiest to order, install and operate.

Each heater is factory assembled with a compact u-tube design that delivers maximum inputs at minimum tube lengths.

This compact, radiant heater is engineered with a balanced flue, preventing the need for multiple building penetrations. Exhaust and combustion air exit and enter at the same location courtesy of concentric vent tubing.

Heater Setup as Easy as it Gets

After your residential infrared heater is easily installed, included 24 volt dual scale thermostat can be connected for immediate operation. Installed horizontally or tilted at a 45 degree angle, the garage heater’s deep-dish reflector properly directs infrared heat to desired areas. Low clearances to combustibles allow the CARIBEĀ® compact infrared heater to be installed in residential garages and workshops. Additionally, lobby areas, entrance ways and public garages are also perfect applications.

Caribe Low Intensity Garage Heaters in Office
Specification Sheet
Installation Manual
Use and Care Manual
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Features and Benefits

Q:Ā  What fuel type can I use?

A:Ā  Natural Gas or LPG Propane.

Q:Ā  How do I purchase low-intensity CARIBEĀ® heaters?

A:Ā  We sell through our independent representatives.Ā  Find the one closest to you.

Q: Ā What are the best applications forĀ CARIBEĀ® radiant heaters?
A: Ā CARIBEĀ® infrared heaters are approved for residential and light commercial buildings. Ā Most common applications include garages, workshops and hobby greenhouses.

Q:Ā  Is there assembly required?

A:Ā  Nope!Ā  All CARIBEĀ® heaters come factory assembled and ready to install.

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