Ordering and Shipping Information


Below is a reminder regarding the information required to ensure smooth processing of orders.

Orders can be submitted two ways: Through Shop RG (preferred way) OR emailed to salesorders@rg-inc.com.

Orders sent to Inside Sales will NOT be accepted.

In order to eliminate unnecessary delays, it is essential that the following complete information is provided when submitting orders:

  • Purchase order number
  • Complete sold to details (company name, contact name, address, phone)
  • Complete ship to details (company name, contact name, address, phone)
  • Quantity (ies)
  • Current, valid part numbers

For collect UPS or FedEx shipments or for 3rd party collect shipments, you MUST provide the following information when placing orders:

  • Valid account number for carrier
  • Name and address of account owner (rep, 3rd party or end user) 

Also, HOT orders mean Next Day Air (NDA), not UPS ground. If an order is marked ‘Express Handling’, the order will go HOT NDA. 

Canadian customers can use any carrier, as long as it is an international carrier. Examples of international carriers are UPS or FedEx. Unfortunately, Loomis and Cardinal are NOT international carriers. Valid account numbers for carriers must be provided.

Adds or changes to orders after they have already been packaged for shipment causes many headaches and delays for you and RG; shipments have to be opened, unpacked and orders have to be re-packed.
In order to ensure efficient delivery, Change or Add orders will NOT be accepted within 2 days of shipment. Changes or additions will have to be handled as new orders. Another important reminder for all of us is to make sure we reply promptly to each other, again, to achieve on time delivery.