GordonGlo™ Elite

GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Patio Heaters

Exceptional Comfort Built to Last in Outdoor Spaces

Summer Never Ends with GordonGlo™ Elite Outdoor Infrared Heating!

If you live in a Northern climate, you know the warm season doesn’t last long. For owners of restaurants and outdoor venues, the start of cold weather usually means it’s time to close outdoor spaces. And just like that, your facility gets smaller.

But what if you could extend your outdoor season and keep occupants comfortable even during the colder months? Enter Roberts-Gordon’s new GordonGlo™ Elite patio heaters!

Built with comfort and durability in mind, GordonGlo™ Elite patio heaters allow your outdoor space to stay open all year, ensuring guests stay longer. Increasing seating capacity and revenue, GordonGlo™ Elite heaters are a perfect addition to any outdoor space struggling with high heat loss.

GordonGlo™ Elite infrared patio heaters raise the bar on comfort and quality.

  • Long-lasting performance – durable construction to withstand extreme rain or snow, even winds up to 40 mph.
  • Gentle uniform comfort – spreads heat evenly and provides a soft red glow of infrared energy.
  • Lower energy costs – saves energy by heating people, floors and objects, not the air around the space.
  • Expanded outdoor seating capacity – more patrons means more revenue.
  • Saves valuable floor space – ceiling or wall mounted under awnings, patios, and covered areas.
  • Quiet operation – no running fan to interfere with guest experience.
  • Environmentally-conscious – NOx emission levels as low as 15 parts per million adjusted for 3% O2.

Competitor and GordonGlo™ Elite

A competitive model can only be installed at a 58̊ angle limiting installation flexibility. As shown, the flames are not totally enclosed, evident in darker environments. Exposed flame outside the heater is not desirable and can be a potential safety issue if the heater is mounted too close to combustibles.

Unlike others, our burner design prevents heat rollout during harsh wind conditions, eliminating exposed.
flames outside the heater. Even when mounted at a 60̊ angle, the burner flame is enclosed as shown.

A Versatile Comfort Solution

Because of its flexibility, GordonGlo™ Elite heaters can accommodate almost any outdoor space. Multiple mounting options direct heat where you need it most, allowing guests to stay a while.

This layout shows how nine heaters (the black rectangles) can heat an entire outdoor patio.

Installation Manual
Specification Sheet

Q:  How do I purchase GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Heaters?

A:  We sell through our independent representatives.  Find the one closest to you.

Q:  What are the best applications for GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Heaters?

A:  GordonGlo™ Elite heaters are perfect for outdoor restaurants, bars, and patios.

Q: Are GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Heaters weather resistant?

A: Yes! GordonGlo™ Elite heaters can withstand extreme rain, snow, and wind up to 40 mph.

Q: Are GordonGlo™ Elite Radiant Heaters environmentally conscious?

A: Yes! GordonGlo™ Elite heaters have emission levels as low as 15 parts per million adjusted for 3% O2.


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